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For Simplyshiny

Sorry if you saw this a couple times flist! the pictures were HUGE @____@
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I don't know why I can't just make myself sit down and write this last report. One more and then official Spring Break starts or aka Nan will never leave her room time (I've already spent three days without even unlocking my door,orz)

Anyways,I saw this February photo meme on Tumblr and decided to do it here. I want to not only do the meme but also maybe just write actual blog entries as well. I may stray off topic. :\

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Tomorrow I'm going to try and start studying some more now that I don't have to study (lol wut). I've bought textbooks to help study for the N3 level of the JLPT which I hope to take in July. I was quite happy to learn that I actually did know all of the kanji at the N4-5 level (or at least what the prep-books prep you for) which may seem silly as,of course I should know the basic amount of kanji,I'm living in Japan,but our teacher gave a final mini test last Friday which was essentially just identifying elementary school level kanji and...I didn't get all of them right ;A; I am weakest in Kanji.

Expect me again tomorrow! 8|

also,does anyone play Glitch? I want to play sooooo bad but it takes forever to get invited

Writer's Block: Backwards Day

Write a backwards message for others to decipher.
!emag eht tsol ouy

Photo Memezors

Photo meme shamelessly stolen from krissasaur in an attempt to be more productive with my blog! 8Dv

You'll also get glimpses as to just how messy my room is! Yea~~~!!!
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</blogpost> (my finger hurt from typing in all that html D:)

English Grammar nerds,help me!

I've been pondering over this for too long! I've decided to seek assistance and finally get this off my mind. Some train stations here in Japan have warnings about falling in the gap between the train and the platform and some warn about rushing on to the train and getting your coat or bag (or worse,an arm) stuck in the door. It offers it in multiple languages and I'm pretty sure the English is just slightly off, but it was enough to make me laugh.

If a sign reads

"Do not run into the train"

It means "do not enter the train by running"

And if it reads

"Do not run in to the train"

it means "do not hit the train (with your body)"?

I've discussed this with so many people and we've gotten ourselves confused over it so now I don't know what's right or wrong or if both work and it's just another wonderful bit about English.

I'm not dead!

And it's already the 1st in Japan! Happy birthday rroselavy!!

And for later,Happy Birthday samsarapine!

Chuu~ to both of you! I hope the days are as awesome as you both combined together! 8D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

For my few,but wonderful, LJ friends

Here, Have a tumblr blog! I'm keeping track of my trip in Japan through this, please follow it if you are so inclined :)


EDIT: http://japan-pic-a-day.tumblr.com/

WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME I FAILED DX fff,here's the ACTUAL tumblr *headesk*



I haven't been around Livejournal that much this summer but I just wanted to take this time now to say that I'm flying out on Sunday (yea,I know) to live in Nagoya, Japan until next August. I found out today that I'm going to be the only American student at the school, the rest are either Korean, Chinese, French, or British (and,you know, Japanese). I'm...excited, nervous, scared, anxious, REALLY FUCKIN EXCITED, and a little panicky, haha. I'm sure I'll make it, just a lot of adjusting to be done very soon.

I'm thinking of starting a pic-a-day tumblr blog for my trip. If I do,I'll post a link of here for it. :)

What am I doing o_o

JUN/AIBA FREE SQUARE Smelly feet Discipline Perfume I didn't know you had a (insert sex toy here)
Never going to see you again JUN/OHNO FREE SQUARE Scratches/ Bruises Hold on to me Lucky underpants
Bodyswap Birthmark/ Beauty mark obsession AIBA/NINO FREE SQUARE Paper Inappropriate origami creations
It's too hot Massages Photobooth OHNO/SHO FREE SQUARE Harry Potter AU
Throwing in the towel Dibs Songbird in a cage Four fights they have, one they don't AIBA/OHNO FREE SQUARE

Someone want to hold my hand through this? XD