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I rarely update my journal and its normally the Writers Block or things for Nitro_recs for Samsarpine and Rroselavy to see. I've been meaning to keep this updated for years but I just never get around to it. Maybe one day...

I make icons on occasion but I usually just post them to the community they belong to (normally,Saiyuki)I also add just about anything to my memories

As for me,as a person, I'm...me? Haha~I'm easy to get along with and talkative when I'm more comfortable with with a person. I like to be helpful and I like to flail like a rabid fangirl with my closest friends (in private though,I only keysmash when absolutely needed XD) I'm open to anything and everything, I'm just quiet about a lot of it.

I hope to travel the world one day and when I do,this shall be my record (and possibly my http://nanfoodle.dreamwidth.org/ because I half migrated with the Saiyuki fandom over there)


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